How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Welcome to Eyeski where I’ll help you learn about eye health, eye beauty and all things related to eyes. I am not an MD, just a gal who cares about my eyes and wants to show you how to take care of yours.

How to learn more about eye health and beauty

I’m currently preparing this site, so why not sign up for my update list and stay informed. I don’t share/sell my list; I simply will let you know now and then when there’s news about eye health and beauty. I’ll be doing some product reviews and testing techniques to improve your vision.

  • I will be showing you
  • How to get thicker eyelashes naturally
  • Remedies when your eyelashes are falling out
  • Computer glasses that will make life easier

Stay Tuned!

I also plan to start a free Skype group so we can share eye makeup tips. Sign up here to be notified when we get the Skype up and running!

We all know how critical our eyesight is in our every day life. Perhaps you’ve had great vision, or maybe you started wearing corrective lenses as a young child. Many people will discover that as they get older, their sight deteriorates.

It doesn’t always have to be this way. There ARE things you can do to maintain good eye health. It’s critical to keep your eyes as healthy as you can, and to take steps now rather than later.

Who is Shock Girl?

Shock Girl is a *character* that a friend of mine (who gave me this domain) created. She’s not a real person, although sometimes people who aren’t so bright think she is. You may or may not find her brand of sarcastic humor enjoyable, but what you will find are some interesting eye makeup application ideas. She (Shock Girl) also sometimes wears fancy hats. She knows how to make a bald head sexy, along with her eyes.