My name is Pete, and I’m just an average guy with a wife and two kids, and we enjoy skiing. We live in the midwest where it’s flat. Cornfields are all around us. We don’t even get enough snow to do cross-country skiing.

So we have to wait until winter, then plan a family trip. If we’re lucky, we get two ski trips each year. That means once we get to our destination (our favorite place is Park City, Utah), we are on the move from the moment we get there. We want to pack in as much skiing as we can!

For those times we aren’t skiing (that would be 48 to 50 weeks a year), we stay in shape with other activities, but skiing is what we love the most. And our son now wants to learn to snowboard. So we have lots of things going on when we go on a ski trip. Yes, it was easier when it was just my wife and me, but it’s a lot of fun to watch our little son (age five) and daughter (age seven) learn to ski and snowboard.

Our family lives in the midwest, or we might actually consider moving out west. That means we have to get our skiing in as we can, and take advantage of it while we’re there.

I hope to learn more about good ski practices, and invite you to share your experiences and any tips you might have!


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