Learn to snow ski before heading out on that fabulous winter vacation

Let’s learn to snow ski

Are you ready to learn to snow ski, but you don’t live in ski country? Or maybe you’ve skied in the past, but you want to brush up a bit before going off with friends who are more practiced. I know that since I only ski a couple of times a year, I feel almost like a beginner every season. Sob.

You need to practice on real slopes. We all know that. Some areas and ski outfitters have little slopes with man-made snow where you can learn. These “practice ski slopes” can be helpful for all, especially little ones who have never skied before. By testing the waters (or snow) before actually taking that first lesson at a ski area, you may be able to build some confidence and basic skills.

And don’t forget to get into shape before your trip! Your body needs to be as strong as possible, so get going with a good ski fitness program. You may be able to find something at your local YMCA or fitness center. If not, there are numerous DVD courses to help you get going.

This video shows some basic warm-up exercises to help you get started before you actually start learning.

It’s really not hard at all to learn to snow ski. If you don’t have mini slopes in your area, plan on allowing some extra time at the beginning of your trip to take some lessons. Most ski resorts provide some kind of ski class right there, and they are normally not that expensive. Some are even included in ski packages.

But make sure you discuss this with the resort beforehand and decide what kind of class is right for you: private or in a group? Go ahead and set up a time to start your lessons so you can get started to learn to snow ski from the moment you arrive!

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